What We Do

Quonochontaug Barrier Beach is a unique and special place for us all to enjoy. Please help Nope’s Island Conservation Association (NICA) protect the future of one of the few remaining undeveloped beaches in Rhode Island. The survival of the beach is important to all of us!

QBB runs approximately 1.6 miles between Spray Rock Road in Westerly to the Breachway in Charlestown and encompasses approximately 150 acres of land which are largely privately-owned. QBB is a rare and tranquil haven whose ecological and social value easily exceeds its size.

NICA owns approximately 45% of the 1.6-mile barrier beach. In conjunction with the Quonochontaug Beach Conservation Commission (QBCC), NICA works with several other landowners to protect this ecologically sensitive and important environment.

Here, Mark and Fran Brunault, Peter Hark (not shown), Harvey Perry, Scott Wakeman and Coastal Biologists Dave Reis, Maureen Durkin, Nick Ernst, Michelle Peach, Carol Tracki, and David Gregg take a walk along the Sand Trail, discussing environmental concerns.