Give Now

We are a volunteer organization that relies solely upon your donations. In conjunction with QBCC and its other members, here are some of the ways that we use your donations.

  • Commissioning scientific research from respected biologists from bodies like Rhode Island Natural History Survey to establish and monitor the condition of the Beach.
  • Acting on key recommendations including keeping the beach clean, preventing erosion using appropriate vegetation and fencing and managing invasive plant species.
  • Ensuring that our voice is heard with state, local and other public bodies to ensure that the interests of QBB are represented and protected.

The Time is Now–Can We Count on You?
More than ever, our beach faces many environmental challenges and threats. But with your help, NICA is confident that we can keep this beautiful and special place as a haven for current and future generations to enjoy!

If you live in one of the communities near Quonochontaug Pond, why not consider contributing to the preservation of this vital resource that is so important to our communities.

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